after reading the summaries for chapter 77…i felt really sad. especially for mamura. 

ok so suzume went to see sensei in the hospital, then like what the translation says: “their feelings overlap” (?) then suzume asked: “you wanted to properly tell me that you like me right?” it feels like she will surely say yes to him. then sensei replied: “yes. I love you, suzume.”

meanwhile mamura admitted that he was the one who let suzume “go” he thought that he could be shishio’s substitute but it seems that he can never be. he knew that him letting go was going to happen, yet he wished it not too. 

so even though mamura did all these kind of stuffs for suzume: burdened the feelings she had for sensei, he tried to fix her broken heart, gave in to her half-hearted feelings towards him, seeing the first real shooting star together, went to okinawa together, lent his shoulder for her when she needs it…even though he just became some sort of replacement that he wants to be, but he never can…he still did these things for suzume. he drowned himself in his own feelings and went with “i’ll go with it anyway even though it hurts.” 

a round of applause for mamura everyone. he’s not the perfect shoujo guy. he can’t fill in what shishio has left. he can’t get anything he wants. but he just wanted suzume’s heart.

chapter 78 is the final chapter, we will finally know what decision suzume will make. but upon seeing the 77th chapter it seems that mamura would give up on her.

he realized that he would never EVER be that “daytime shooting star.” even though how much he tries to be.

if it turns out to be shizume endgame, we mazume fans just need to accept the reality. in real life, even though how imperfect that person is, you still fall in love with him over and over and over again. and that is the case with suzume & shishio. PERIOD. /sits in a corner/ /starts to cry/